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Creatures of the Cold

Some of the tracks we spotted on the trip!

We saw a huge range of tracks and signs during the trip- from wolf and deer to mouse and chipmunk. These beautiful prints probably belong to the wolf pack we heard howling. Apparently a beaver came up above the ice ( which is unusual when the lakes are frozen) and fell victim to a wolfpack. We heard the wolves the day before, then when we came back the same way to check the traps we found that the wolves had moved along our still slushy trail , which had then frozen hard, preserving the sign. The scat was nearby, possibly the wolves realised we had been in the area, and were staking their claim by leaving their scent.

This was quite good fun, while out having a lesson from Kye on snaring Snow hare ( aka rabbits in Canada) we found this porcupine trail and actually found the animal itself!

There was feeding sign underneath the pine tree where its trail ended, and sure enough Tessa spotted the dark brown spikey fur about 20ft up!

Otter feeding sign; Alongside a small otter sized hole in the ice Thijmen spotted this interesting sign- bits of fish gills, blood, front and rear impressions an a wonderful fan shape from the otters tail lashing back and fourth as it chomped down the fish! Mouse! this one was a stowaway in One of the toboggans! It looks like the local rodents have worked out that base camp is a worthwhile place to hang out! This little critter had been in the toboggan at least a couple of days! You can see the feint groove left by its tail as it hopped for the hills, and the hind feet larger than the front. We also saw the tracks of deer, chipmunks, squirrel and a range of birds

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