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Virtual Visits!

Due to the ongoing Covid situation,  in-person visits are not always possible.  We think it is a shame for students studying the stone age to miss out on our visits, so we are offering a new option; Live streaming! It doesn't matter whether your students are in school, or learning at home, we can help bring the stone age to life!

We can focus on specific topics ( for example cooking, or flint knapping), or cover a range of skills and topics as we would during in-person visits. The price includes our pack of teacher resources. Which the students can use at home.

1 hour -1hour 30; £250   

1/2 day (2 hour 45 minutes approx., with a break) £350
Full Day £500


Zoom sessions will be conducted Live from a reconstructed Mesolithic camp in the heart of Suffolk. It doesn't get more authentic!

Day or night, whatever the weather we can take your class back in time!


Testimonial from a recent zoom visit;

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"We booked a Zoom session with Memma as something different for our Scouts at the end of a really difficult term of home schooling and lockdown. Despite everybody suffering from Zoom overload, Memma delivered an engaging, fact loaded and fun session which had Scouts and Leaders locked to the screen.


We asked Memma to talk about how Stone Age people survived in the cold and she delivered a wisdom laden warts and all session on topics like making fire, the best pelts for warmth, making needle and thread to make clothes, how to tell if a squirrel carcass is bad, hunting, trapping and fishing, how to use the whole animal and ceremonial whistles made from Swan's wing bones. Questions were brilliantly answered with practical demonstrations and stories from first hand experience. As Scout Leaders we like to think we know a thing or 2 about bushcraft - we were in total awe of her skills; and the Scouts were mesmerised by her facts and tales.
Best night of the term - thank you!"

J. Nicholls 5th Farnham Scouts

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