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Archaeology and Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Dig up a bog body!! Excavate a Neolithic hearth, and LITERALLY rebuild the faces of your ancestors!


..this amazing educational workshop is quite unique and not often

available outside of universities and colleges!!



We love to teach about the 'Stone Age'. We are passionate about this era of human history and thrive on passing that on to the next generation.

This education would not be complete unless we also teach how we have, over many years, made these amazing historic discoveries.

In true Prehistoric Experience style we are professional equipment to teach your students how to dig up bodies and recreate faces from the past!!

We differ from our competition. Our experiences are not led by actors or jobbing historians in fancy dress "caveman" attire.


Our team are all prehistoric experts with the skills and abilities needed to survive.


With two of our team members being 'Experimental Archaeologists', we love to pass this particular subject to the coming generations.


Memma is an experimental archaeologist with almost 2 decades of experience in bushcraft and primitive survival.

Her previous experience includes working for Ray Mears for 13 years AND flintknapper Will Lord for over 3 years.

"Evening Memma and Twig,

Wow-what can I say? Today was amazing, the children absolutely loved it. They were all engaged and have learnt so much. Your tent was full of fascinating skins, skulls and other interesting items... I’ve had 4 parents message me saying how their child has not been able to stop talking about it since they got home. I will definitely be in touch to book again."

..If you can understand how Archaeologists arrive at their ideas. Suddenly the dry dusty collections of things in museums come alive, and you can see the story it tells..

This activity is designed to run as either a stand-alone activity or a bolt-on alongside our usual stone age workshops.

The conclusions archaeologists come to can often seem far fetched, especially when you see the meagre clues they have based their theories upon.


However, if you can understand HOW they arrived at their ideas,  the dry dusty collections of things in museums come alive, and you can see the story it tells. 


This experience makes the pupils go through a scientific process of recreating a face using a skull, enabling them to get an idea of what Stone Age man would have looked like. Isn't that a kind of time travel in itself?

Through realistic archaeological excavations that we provide, the children learn to excavate the delicate and fragmentary remains of the stone age, allow them to interpret what they see, and understand how archaeologists and historians can paint such a vivid picture of the past.

Using our selection of models (a mixture of Neanderthal, and modern human bones), the children will rebuild the faces of their ancestors.  Learning the science of rebuilding the muscles, then the skin, and finally giving them character with hair and other details. 

There is scope for linking art with both of these activities, as well as maths.  All real excavations have to be plotted and drawn in great detail before anything can be removed. And what better way to understand how to draw a face than to get into the nitty-gritty of its physical form by sculpting one with the skull as a guide? 

Our visits include access to our teacher resources, including videos, worksheets and cross-curricular activities

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*We are fully insured and have D.B.S disclosures and risk assessments ready when needed.

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Archaeology and Facial Reconstruction

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