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Prehistoric Birthday Parties

Is your child obsessed with all things Stone age?  Would they rather spend their Birthday cooking on fires than going bowling?


..The Prehistoric Experiences team are bringing their unforgettable workshops to a garden near you! to make your child's birthday as memorable as possible



We believe it is our job as adults to introduce children to as many great and exciting adventures as possible to allow them to find and

develop a passion. 

When children find something to obsess over it teaches them attention to detail and enables them to learn on a much deeper level. The study of Stone Age life introduces a perfect mix of ancient crafts, survival, and history.  It often ignites a spark in children that will last them all of their lives.

What is a Stone Age birthday party like?

We provide a complete Stone Age outdoor set-up that will have your child feeling like they have really gone back in time on their birthday. 


Stone Age just wouldn't be Stone Age without a fire so we include a fire pit which means there is no need to worry about the lawn.


You can choose from a multitude of Stone Age activities such as flint knapping, stone age jewellery making, face painting (with real ochre), preparing cooking and eating game, bone and antler working, fire making, stone age carving,  and many more!

We keep sessions to a maximum of 12 children to guarantee a fantastic experience for everyone.  

We can cater for half-day or full-day sessions.  Prices start at £250

Please contact

if would like to book or ask questions

We differ from our competition. Our experiences are not led by actors or jobbing historians in fancy dress "caveman" attire.


Our team are all prehistoric experts with the skills and abilities needed to survive.


With two of our team members being 'Experimental Archaeologists', we love to pass this particular subject to the coming generations.


Memma is an experimental archaeologist with almost 2 decades of experience in bushcraft and primitive survival.

Her previous experience includes working for Ray Mears for 13 years AND Will Lord of the StoneAge for over 3 years.

Our Stone Age School Experiences

Outdoor experience

Stone Age Extravaganza School Workshop

Archaeology and Facial Reconstruction

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