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Terms and Conditions

Payment and Cancellation Fees


Payment is due No later than 30 days before the planned date of your visit (or at the time of booking if this is less than 30 days). Payment should be made in full preferably via BACS with remittance advice or alternatively by cheque.


Payment may be made On the day of the visit by cheque only by prior agreement. Visits cancelled with less than three weeks notice may be invoiced for all or part of the cost of a visit.

Cancellations must be made within a minimum of three weeks’ notice prior to our visit to qualify for an alternative date. Cancellations may be made by email, but do not assume a cancellation has been received by us until you have received confirmation by reply.

Cancellations made less than 3 weeks before the proposed date will not be refunded in full. The School will still be invoiced for part or full payment.

In the case of Multi day visits; Cancellation or changes to part of the visit may lead to an increase in the cost of the remaining days. Discounts on Multi day visits are offered in recognition of the lessened set up and travel costs per day. 

Late Payments may incur a charge of £3 per day  from the date of our visit.


If we for any reason we cannot attend your school on the arranged date ( i.e. staff illness, or extreme weather), we will endeavour in the first instance to offer the alternative of an indoor Workshop,  to offer you an alternative date within the next two months, or if such a change of date cannot be agreed, then then you will be refunded in full as a final option

  • School staff are expected to provide supervision of the children and support our staff in maintaining good behaviour and discipline during the visit.

  • Our risk assessment assumes your adherence to our advice. The risk assessment we have in place will clearly notify you of common safety concerns that we have noticed during visits. (For example; Do we have clear, safe access to the field without the children running around? Keep the children clear from our structure while unattended by your school staff, Supervision of vulnerable children and recognising distress that we as visitors cannot suitably engage in, other factors are included in our risk assessment at the time of booking.)

  • We advise that the children wear appropriate outdoor clothing suitable for the time of year as this is an outdoor classroom experience( the Indoor version of the experience also has outdoor elements where possible) This may mean they need to wear trousers, rather than school skirts, and extra layers. It is great when the children get into the spirit of things a nd dress up, but please make sure they are also warm enough!

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