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Free Stone Age to Iron Age
School Teacher Resources


Welcome to the Prehistoric Experiences teacher's resources part of our website. After delivering experiences to hundreds of schools and 10'000's of thousands of children we have learnt that there is a strong need for teacher's resources before experiences to help the children have a basic knowledge of the subject matter.  AND after an experience to help reinforce and solidify the learning that has taken place after an experience or towards the end of a topic. 

We thought we would further support our great customers by preparing some extremely awesome resources which can be used either at the beginning of a topic or after, with hopefully one of our experiences being thrown into the mix also.

If you are not a customer of ours please do not worry, we are more than happy for you to use these resources too!! We only ask that you tell others about us and share what we do in your teaching collectives and on social media profiles if you have them.  Which we feel is a fair deal.

 Documents and Worksheets

We have prepared a number of great documents and worksheets for you to use in your learning.  

- Learn about the prehistoric timeline

- Colour in pictures of Stone Age life

- Learn about tools, weapons, art, people, and homes

- Listen to readings of The Wolf Brother

- Make Stone Age sculptures and jewellery

- Complete our Creative writing printable sheets

When you are done be sure to download the survival skills page and learn about all the uses of animals.


We recommend starting with the teacher's guide which is a 9-page walkthrough of learning and activities from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

 Whilst you are here...

...we would love to quickly introduce to you our Stone Age School visits


We have been teaching children about the Stone Age for over 7 years and all of our staff are Stone Age experts which can actually use the skills we teach to survive in the wild.

Below are the fantastic experiences we offer to schools.

fire! _edited.jpg

Stone Age Cave

The day will take place in our specially designed outdoor classroom, A richly immersive environment that your class will never forget!

Stone Age
in your classroom

Transform your classroom or hall into a time machine and go back to the Stone Age!!!
foraging .jpg

Stone Age
on a budget 


 The ideal option for smaller year groups, and smaller schools. Time travel on a budget!

& Facial Reconstruction
School Experience


Dig up a bog body, excavate a Neolithic hearth, and rebuild the faces of your ancestors!
animals size chart.jpeg

 Project this onto a wall... show the children how big and daunting it might have been to hunt these animals.


You can also project them onto a wall, draw around them and colour in to make fantastic big displays!!!

Capture cropped.png

Video Library (click on the picture links to a private area on YouTube.)

unnamed (12).jpg

A magical look at how fire was made by our ancient ancestors!

5.26 minutes


Experience a frightening night in the stone age... What's that moving in the pitch dark of the cave?...

A look at the Hunting aspect of Stone Age life. 7.03 minutes

Timeline; Paleolithic to present.
A look at the last 4 million years of human history!

A Brief look at the history of Music. Why don't your class have a go at creating their own stone age sounds?

Creative writing


Chapter 1;

This video presentation of chapter 1 kicks off our creative writing 'story starter.  


PDF document; chapter1 and suggestions for further chapters. With illustrations.

Large printable PDF storyboard images

Small printable storyboard images.

The shaman mask looking particularly mys

Similes and metaphors;
A video presentation of how, and why to use similes and metaphors in creative writing.

Useful images This is a small selection of some of our equipment, print and show!!

Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

Dramatised readings of chapters, read by Memma


Chapter 1 


Chapter 5 


Chapter 6

Activities & crafts


Make a selection of Stone Age sculptures, and jewellery.

Then paint to take home as gifts to parents!!!

Story Time ( Hosted by Time capsule TV story Chest) story videos narrated by Memma the Cavewoman

Are we visiting your school yet?

Outdoor experience
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Stone Age Extravaganza School Workshop

Stone Age on a Budget Workshop

Stone Age In Your Classroom Workshop

Archaeology and Facial Reconstruction

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