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Our Prehistoric Stone Age School Experiences are delivered by Stone Age experts, not actors working from a script.

Our team all have a variety of stone age skills, which they can share with you.
There was a lot more to stone age life than people sitting around a fire going 'UGG' !!

Anthony Bourdain

Stone Age Cave

  • 30-120 children per day, we can spend the whole day with one class or spread the time across a few classes
  • Tailored to the age group of children attending
  • Flint Knapping demo (usually includes an artefact for your class to keep and treasure
  • Stone Age food prep and cooking (includes tasting too!)
  • Stone Age crafting includes; shaping bone and antler, hide working and fire-making (skills can vary)
  • Where we are with a single class we can even include an extra depth of learning including as hunting, music and hunting ceremony complete with prehistoric instruments and dancing!
  • 2 Stone Age instructors
Probably the most extravagant school experience you will ever see!!

A spectacular 'Stone Age' Cave set up on your school grounds!

We have been offering this amazing experience to schools for almost seven years. 


The goal here is a suspension of disbelief! It is a feast for the senses that will have your class feeling like they really are in the stone age.

The day will take place in our specially designed outdoor classroom, A richly immersive environment that your class will never forget!

Two of our tribe will spend the whole day at your school, typically setting up the night before and sleeping over in the structure. 



* We can set this option up in a classroom or hall if you don't have any outdoor space, but outdoors is preferable.


Stone Age
Experience for Small schools 


  • 30-120 children per day, we can spend the whole day with one class or spread the time across a few classes
  • Tailored to the age group of children attending
  • Flint Knapping workshop (only 12 at a time, 30 mins per group)
  • Plant walks
  • In character show and tell
  • Use Stone Age tools
  • 1 Stone Age instructor
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Perfect for schools that have budgetary or space constraints

Our extravaganza visits can book up very quickly, so we created this option for smaller schools, and those with budgetry constraints.


This option is run by one team member rather than two and doesn't have costs associated with the set-up and take down of our extravaganza.

We can set up outside, ( weather permitting) or more commonly in a standard classroom or hall. It includes a range of Stone Age resources for you to use, and cross curricular activity suggestions.

& Facial Reconstruction
School Experience


  • can be a stand-alone experience or a 'bolt-on' alongside our other workshops
  • Professional equipment is only usually found in colleges and university
  • Excavate Stone Age bodies, and a neolithic hearth
  • Complete facial reconstruction
  • Learning includes maths, science, history, and art.
  • Utilises all types of learning types
  • One of a kind experience
  • 1 Stone Age instructor
Dig up a bog body, excavate a Neolithic hearth, and rebuild the faces of your ancestors!

Do some of your children fantasise about becoming Archaeologists? 

In this experience we blend all learning types, taking your pupils on a historic adventure of discovery.

They must use professional techniques to plot, draw, and carefully excavate simulated archaeological digs based on real sites

Then use models to reconstruct the faces of our ancestors by rebuilding the muscle and skin with modelling clay- A technique used by the police and historians studying ancient remains!

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