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"The past is a foreign Country, 
They do things differently there"

Our team are picked for their love of prehistory and passion for the outdoors. All of our tribe have Full DBS checks and experience working with children. 

Dalai Lama

Head Cavewoman; Memma

Memma has been interested in Prehistory from a very young age, when a chance find of a fossil at age 5 led to a wider love of natural history, and human history.

A consummate outdoors person, Memma has worked in the Bushcraft industry for 13 years, Primarily for TV survivalist Ray Mears' company Woodlore ltd. Running courses and teaching outdoor skills.

Always diving into new skills Memma has a particular interest in plants and their many uses, fibrework, basketry, and the making of tools and equipment from Bone, Antler and Flint.



Twig joined the team in 2019, A recent convert to bushcraft, he has thrown himself into Ancient skills, starting by making himself the vital equipment and clothing of a caveman, and starting the long journey to become a proficient flintknapper

Wood ( aka Will)

Will is the founder of Prehistoric Experiences. A renowned flintknapper and Ancient Technologist he has decided to step back from School visits as a rule, but is still part of the tribe. If your child has developed an interest in prehistoric skills, Will runs a  number of  courses which might be of interest. Check out Will-lord.co.uk

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