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Frequently asked questions

Why Choose Prehistoric experiences?
We offer much more than a 'show and tell'. Years of experience in the outdoors and a lifetime of love  for Prehistory go into every workshop. We have the depth of knowledge to be able to explore subjects outside the main remit of the day, so that if the children ask an interesting question, we can usually answer it. There are other companies offering stoneage days, but very few of them can speak about the artefacts from the point of view of actually having made them using stone tools, or can talk about hunting, and surviving outdoors from personal experience. From the feedback we receive from schools, it is clear that first hand knowledge is apparent in the delivery of the day. Our visits provide a full day school trip for up to 90 children without the expense and bother of a coach ( and the time wasted) All visits now include our pack of teacher resources ( the password will be on the invoice at time of booking)

How much does it cost
Our prices are worked out taking into account a number of factors, including the number of children participating, the distance we have to travel and any additional costs. As a rough guide, a 1 day workshop, within an hour of our home base, in the outdoor classroom for 60 children  would cost in the region of £800-850 (2020). An indoor workshop at the same location for 30 children would be in the region of  £450-£500  However during 1 class days, we use the extra time to have a more in depth look at some aspects- perhaps going outside to lo0k at traps or plants etc

Are there any cheaper options?
We realise that our workshops are not cheap. One option for spreading the cost is to invite other local schools to send a class or two or include other year groups in the day. We are happy to tailor sessions to older children, from the point of view of self reliance and survival, or tieing in with Wolf Brother ( by Michelle Paver) which is sometimes studied as Guided reading in year 6. If we are based at the same site for more than one day, we are able to offer discounts, since we are not having to pack, move, and repitch the structure.

We sometimes offer simpler half day sessions if they can be fitted around our larger bookings. please enquire for details

What happens in case of bad weather?
Outdoor workshops will continue despite bad weather unless we deem it to be unsafe. Snow is the only weather that we cannot operate in as the weight of it on the structure roof would collapse it. Wind can be an issue, and may mean we have to pitch the structure in a more sheltered spot. but we have NEVER had to cancel because of weather, other than snow. In cases of inclement weather, please make sure the children are dressed for the outside, with coats and hats. If the weather is extraordinarily bad, we can switch to a classroom, but this is very unlikely, in fact we've only had to do it once in more than 5 years of operating.

I'm not sure my class will be all right with the 'dead things'.....

Perfectly understandable, but most children find the process fascinating. We approach the subject in a matter of fact way, but with respect for the animals. The activity my well inspire interesting discussion about food and where it comes from, and the morals and ethics of eating meat. We see this as a valuable part of the workshop, essential to understanding the lives of hunter gatherers.. It is very rare for children to become genuinely upset and gratuitous 'ewwing' or ghoulish behavious will be swiftly stopped.

How much space do you need for the outdoor classroom?

The Structure is circular and measures 11m including the guy lines. There is also a tunnel entrance which is 6m long, this is optional.

What are the other requirements for the outdoor experience?
We are fairly self sufficient, our cave team all have backgrounds in outdoor pursuits.  On single night stayover, access to a toilet 'after hours' is useful, but not essential as we do bring our own. We ask that children are kept away from the structure at the beginning of the day, and at playtimes. The pegs for the structure present a possible trip hazard, and we need to be able to prepare  for our sessions in relative peace- children's curiosity often gets the better of them, and scores of them shouting 'caveman come out, caveman..CAVEMAN...COME OUT!!!' for an hour is not ideal!

We also ask for a key/fob/code so we can get in and out of school property after hours, this is essential in case of emergency, or if we need to obtain food or materials for the next day.

Do we need to bring anything out with us ?
Coats, water, possibly handwashing stuff, any medication the children my require- asthma inhalers, diabetic blood sugar measuring kit, hand gel.


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