What are we doing to fight the spread of the virus? updated for 2021

The stone age is a fascinating part of our history, but it is incredibly difficult to get across through the usual means. The way of life was so different to modern times that it is hard to find points of commonality to build on.  We are passionately committed to bringing the stone age to life and hope to continue to do so during this unusual situation.

At present Covid policy is being decided by individual schools, so we will be tailoring our own procedures depending on individual requirements. Some areas have decided on no in-person visits for the next few months, but do not despair; we now offer interactive video link visits

  • We will undergo a lateral flow test the morning of each school visit, and on visits lasting longer than 1 day, we will do an additional test if necessary.

  • Memma is fully vaccinated, twig will be by the time we resume visits in autumn 2021.

  • We will need a few minutes between groups to sterilise certain items such as flint tools which get handed round. We will have to reduce the handling of other items, such as furs which can't be sterilised.

  • We ask that the children sanitise their hands with alcohol gel or similar before they come in and when they leave.

  • We will lay the structure out in such a way as to encourage a healthy distance between myself and twig, and the class. 

  • We will be using benches in addition to some furs which which can be sanitised after each group.

  • We will endeavour to keep 2 days between visits- studies show that the virus cannot usually survive on cloth and wood for  more than 2 days. We can also alternate which skins and hides we use to avoid spreading contamination.

  • We will take steps to reduce our possible exposure when travelling to and from the school, by maintaining social distancing and wearing masks should we have to go into a petrol station or similar.

  • We will forgo running indoor workshops unless there is a large 'single use' space. Workshops outdoors for small groups ( i.e. single form entry schools)  using a smaller set up, representative of a  temporary hunting camp. A well ventilated space reduces  the risk.

  • Depending on the weather, we can let sections of the sides of the structure down to provide better ventilation, however, this is likely to make it colder so the children will need to be warmly dressed. 

These steps will make it difficult for us to see any more than 90 children in a  day, 60 would be optimum.

Due to the possibility that  there may have to be last minute changes of plan due to schools closing, or even myself or Twig having to quarantine, we are  being more flexible on payment.
Payment to be made on the day of the visit, either by bank transfer, or cheque, rather than in advance of our visit. As you can appreciate, this year has been tough on small companies, and prompt payment makes a huge difference to us.

The 'best practice' advice, is changing day by day, so will will update accordingly. Obviously the bulk of the structure, and the fur floor coverings are very hard to sanitise between groups, so in the short term we may have to operate slightly differently to normal.

Please also note; Our package of School resources will be available as a standalone item  should an in-person visit not be possible. Please enquire for details.