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1 to 1 Primitive Survival and
Bushcraft Courses & Workshops

Learn the skills you need to be able to survive in the wild with
or without your knife and bushcraft equipment

Why do we include Primitive Survival?

Anthony Bourdain

A step back to a time where metal did not exist, or paracord, or many of the other staples of  The  modern  Bushcraft world

How many times have  you seen a  TV  sourival show contestant scuppered by a piece of equipment failing or being lost?

Our 1-to-1 program has been designed to give deep dives into a subject with only one student at a time, you!

It is commonplace for a Bushcraft course to be 10-15 or more attendees and that doesn't allow the close contact needed to really develop a usable level of skill in a shirt  space of time.

Learning a skill well enough to do it under ideal circumstances, when you're well fed, have slept well and have the ideal tools is one thing- making it work when things are going against you is a different proposition.

By offering 1 to 1 workshops, you get the focused, tailored teaching you need to go beyond ' having a go' and leap closer to real, workable, usable skills, no matter the situation.

What about modern Bushcraft

Do not worry you learn that too. I have spent my life in the Bushcraft world. I worked for Woodlore (Ray Mears Bushcraft company) for 13 years, and then refined my skills further working alongside Will Lord for 5 years. 

I very much value modern-day Bushcraft, but I also value the skills to be able to light a fire, or craft a tool when my equipment has either broken, been lost or simply worn out.


How it all works

I have designed this so it is affordable and completely bespoke, giving you the ability to learn the skills in the order you would like to learn when you would like to learn them. 

Because these are 1 to 1 courses there are no set dates you simply contact me to arrange the best dates for you!

All you need to do next is pick a workshop and contact me to arrange a date!


Fire Making

  • Only you on this 1 to 1 Fire making course
  • A full range of fire-making methods learned
  • Life-saving skills essential to survival acquired
  • A step back in time learning methods from modern day back to prehistoric techniques
Probably one the most important skills you can learn

The ability to make and use fire is what really separates us from other animals.

Ways to make, use and carry fire vary from place to place, and through history, but they all share the same basic principles and all require practice.

We will start with more modern (easier!) methods, and work backwards to fire by friction.

You may not immediately succeed at all methods in this intensive 2-day course, but you will have a solid understanding of the principles and a host of essential pointers on each technique enabling you to competently make a fire in the wild.


Making fire by ‘primitive‘ means is one of the best feelings in the world. 


Not just the knowledge that you’ve gained a skill that could save your life, but that you are sharing in a truly timeless human experience, and one that never fails to evoke a feeling of connection.

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