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An inspiring day they'll never forget

Prehistoric Experiences have been providing Educational Workshops in schools for over five years. 

The Stone age can seem an impossibly distant period of time, yet it is fundamental to understanding human history and human nature.


It can be difficult for children to imagine a way of life that is so completely different to their own and a world that is all but unrecognisable. Our workshops combine science, history, practical ancient skills and theatrical showmanship to bring the past to life. Our inspirational visits take place in special constructed settings, whether that is inside your classroom or out on the school field. Evocative and atmospheric, our visit will be remembered by your class forever.

We currently offer Two main options; The outdoor experience where we set up a large structure in the grounds of the school, and the classroom experience where we transform an ordinary classroom. We have created this option so that schools without the luxury of a field can still benefit from our visits. It also makes a more appealing option during the winter months, when the outdoor structure could be decidedly cold, despite the fire. Please specify which option you would prefer when making an enquiry. We also offer the option of Indoor or Outdoor 'mini' workshops, which are a good lower cost option for smaller schools.
Access to our teacher resources  is included in the visit to help you and your class make the most of the day, And don't forget to take a look at our Archaeology workshops where children can excavate an Iron age bog body!

Prehistoric Experiences is based in Colchester, Essex, but visit schools all over the East Anglia, London and the South East

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