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Outdoor experience

We provide exceptional experiences that will leave you feeling as if you have stepped back in time to the Stone Age... 

Creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Understanding where we come from as a species helps us understand  ourselves in the present

The Stone age may be thousands of years behind us, but we are still very much the same people who walked the Ice Age steppes.....

Memma (Sarah)

Memma is an experimental archaeologist with almost 2 decades of experience in bushcraft and primitive survival.

Her previous experience includes working for Ray Mears for 13 years AND Will Lord of the Stone-Age for over 3 years.

Twig (Jay)

Twig is 'Head Caveman', he has been on our team for 4 years and is a favourite with the children!!

Twig has a passion for the outdoors and a love for bushcraft and survival which comes across in his sessions.

Scuff ( Anna) 

Scuff joined our team last year having thrived in the outdoors since childhood and discovering an interest in ancient skills more recently. Scuff has worked in boarding schools and the care industry for 26 years and still loves working with with children.

Our team are prehistoric experts with many years of experience

Many companies that provide history experiences hire actors who work from a script.

We prefer to use prehistoric experts that make the Stone Age come alive!!

What the children and teachers have to say...

White Horse Manor Junior School

Dear Twig and Ochre,

I decided to write to you for giving us the best day of my life, thank you.  
When you let us get up I saw the deer leg you used for a sewing kit.

I was mesmerised when I saw the fire and we said "fire brother come!" and it was a real fire!!!

My favourite part was when we held a pheasant because although I loved holding the pheasant I didn't think (realise) it was real.


But thank you for the best experience yet.

picture of caveman on stone age school experience
School work by children we've visited.

Steeple Primary

Dear Memma and Twig, wow what can I say.


Today was amazing, the children absolutely loved it. They were all engaged and have learnt so much. Your tent was full of fascinating skins, skulls and other interesting items...


I’ve had 4 parents message me saying how their child has not been able to stop talking about it since they got home.

I will definitely be in touch to book again.

Gorseland School

Thank you for such a brilliant day with our children.

The children learnt so much in a variety of ways, not just about Stone Age people but respecting animals and not judging people by their appearance. Some children were initially a little apprehensive, but you were so friendly which lead to a discussion about people looking different and therefore being open-minded.

Lots of teachers also brought their classes around for a peek and said this is what we should be doing so much more of. Your visit had a great ripple effect and by far exceeded our expectations. We have passed your details onto another school who have already booked with you and we will certainly be booking you again next year!

Testimonial letter from pupil of stone age school experience

The Stone age can seem an impossibly distant period of time, yet it is fundamental to understanding human history and human nature.



Prehistoric Experiences have been providing educational workshops in schools for over 7 years. 


Our workshops combine science, history, authentic ancient skills and theatrical showmanship to bring the past to life.


Our inspirational visits take place in specially constructed settings, whether that is inside your classroom or out on the school field. Evocative and atmospheric, our visit will be remembered by your class forever.

We have various options to suit larger schools, small schools and those with or without outdoor space. Click here for more information


Don't forget to take a look at our Archaeology workshops where children can excavate an Iron age bog body!

Prehistoric Experiences is based in Colchester, Essex, but visits schools all over East Anglia, London and the South East

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