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Stone Age In Your Classroom

The most extravagant Stone Age classroom experience in the country!

Ideal if you do not have the practical requirements of our
'Stone Age Cave'


..As the children enter, they will see walls of the room lined with scenes of the past. A recreated Gravettian dwelling,  made from the bones and tusks of mammoths, littered about with the trappings of everyday life; baskets, bones, tools and weapons.



Our extraordinary Stone Age in the classroom school workshop can be tailored to suit your class age group, and the number of children visiting.

The experience can be based entirely inside (in which case flint knapping and fire-making will be approached differently). Or a mixture of indoors and outdoors depending on the weather and available space.

This is where we differ from our competition. Our experiences are not led by actors or jobbing historians in fancy dress "caveman" attire.


Our team are all prehistoric experts with the skills and abilities needed to survive.


Our outfits and props are not bought, they are made by us using the same techniques as would have been used thousands of years ago, some of our props are original stone age artefacts!!

White Horse Manor Junior School

Dear Twig and Ochre,

I decided to write to you for giving us the best day of my life, thank you.  
When you let us get up I saw the deer leg you used for a sewing kit.

I was mesmerised when I saw the fire and we said "fire brother come!" and it was a real fire!!!

My favourite part was when we held a pheasant because although I loved holding the pheasant I didn't think (realise) it was real.


But thank you for the best experience yet.

picture of caveman on stone age school experience

"Thank you for such a brilliant day with our children at Gorseland School. The children learnt so much in a variety of ways, not just about Stone Age people but respecting animals and an unexpected for us was not to judge people by their appearance.


Some children were initially a little apprehensive, but you were so friendly which lead to a discussion about people looking different and therefore being open-minded.

Lots of teachers also brought their classes around for a peek and said this is what we should be doing so much more of.  Your visit had a great ripple effect and by far exceeded our expectations.  We have passed your details onto another school who have already booked with you and we will certainly be booking you again next year!" (Gorseland School)

A wonderful range of Stone Age activities all in one fantastic educational experience

We will light a fire, drawing sparks from iron pyrite evoking the magic of crackling flames and what it meant for stone-age people, and we will look at the subject of food usually, this means preparing Mackerel, or some other small game such as wood pigeon which the children can then try.


We believe it is important for children to understand where food comes from, and the subject is handled sensitively, but with humour.


We explore not just the meat, but the uses for other parts of the animal, everything from glue to tools, to sewing thread! All hands-on, and all done with flint tools. The children find this process most fascinating

A demo of flint knapping will hopefully yield an artefact for your class to treasure, and an understanding of how ancient tools were made.


Once the fish or meat is eaten, the children have the opportunity to handle skillfully made replicas and try their hand at a variety of skills, from shaping bone and antler, to hide working and fire-making. The skills we demonstrate vary from school to school, but there is always a good variety to try.

Depending on the length of the session, and the possibilities of your school grounds, we can venture out and look at some of the local plant life through the eyes of a forager, spot the telltale signs of wildlife and look at one or two traps. Where we have 30 children for the whole day we can also look at hunting and music, recreating a hunting ceremony complete with prehistoric instruments and dancing.

Our visits include access to our teacher resources, including videos, worksheets and cross-curricular activities

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*We are fully insured and have D.B.S disclosures and risk assessments ready when needed.

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