Mini Workshops

Slots for our Full day workshops book up very quickly, and if you find that we are not able to accommodate your school this year with the full Outdoor / Indoor experience, consider asking about our other options 

This can take many forms and be tailored to your requirements. It may be the ideal option where time and/ or budgetary constraints mean you are unable to book us for a a full scale workshop. 

Because of the reduced set up time, these workshops usually work out  cheaper than our full day/ 2 cave people days- usually around £2-400. please contact me with details of what sort of a day you would like and I will provide a more accurate quote.

Workshops we can provide include;

  • In character( with costume etc) show and tell, with handling of various artefacts, and using stone tools Or a similar presentation, but un-costumed, from an 'experimental archaeology' point of view.


  • Talks & presentations


  • Hands on flint knapping workshops ( for 12 people at a time, 30 mins per group to all day!)


  • Plant walks  ( looking at plant life and its uses from a Stone Age point of view.) This would fit very well with forest schools aspects of school activities, as well as the Stone Age Curriculum, and year 5 guided reading segment on Wolf brother.