Indoor experience

The day will take place in one of your own classrooms, magically transformed into a scene of late Paleolithic life.  


As the children enter, they will see walls of the room  lined with  scenes of the past. A recreated Gravettian dwelling,  made from the bones and tusks of mammoths, littered about with the trappings of every day life; baskets, bones, tools and weapons..

We tailor the day to the age group, and number of children visiting, and the facilities available. We can be based entirely inside ( in which case flint knapping and fire making will be approached differently. Or a mixture of indoors and outdoors depending on the weather and available space.

If we have access to the outdoors and can light a fire, we will cook a fish or some meat, and demonstrate flint knapping before returning to the classroom. Depending on time constraints and the potential of the school grounds we can also have a look at some of the local plant life.

The children have the opportunity to handle skilfully made replicas and try their hand at a variety of skills, from shaping bone and antler, to hide working and  fire making. The skills we demonstrate vary from school to school, but there is always a good variety to try.

Depending on the length of the session, and the possibilities of your school grounds we can add various other activities, including a a 'have a go session of flint knapping, trapping demonstration and some other hunting skills.

All visits, whether indoor, outdoor or Virtual now include our
teacher resource pack

WOLF BROTHER by Michelle Paver

Some schools Study the Stoneage by means of this wonderful book, usually in year 5 or 6 as 'Guided Reading'.  For these Older children we can tailor our activities to the adventures of Torak and his wolf.  Bringing the story to life in vivid detail, with smells, sounds, textures, that encourage the children to suspend disbelief and allow themselves to enter the past. I sometimes get asked whether I knew Toraks mother !


Younger children
Primarily our visits are aimed at Key stage 2 children, but if you wish to make the most of our visit by bringing in reception or year 1 classes for a quick look that can usually be arranged.