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Primitive Skills Workshops

The learning and study of Primitive Skills is a worthwhile endeavour which can someday save your life.

At the very least it can provide you with the confidence you need to tackle the wild with very little bought gear, saving you £1000's on expensive brand-name survival gear.


How long would you last in the wild when your equipment wore out? or if you lost your knife?

Learn to knap flint and you will never want for a knife, if you learn to turn an animal pelt into a piece of clothing you will never go cold. 

The ability to survive like our ancient ancestors puts us at the forefront of human survival in the wild.

We love to cater for everybody's personal preferences. We offer groups courses or 1 to 1 sessions

The group's sessions are more affordable and offer a great sense of community, the 1 to 1 sessions are a little more expensive but give you the undivided attention of an instructor

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