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Workshops and courses

Foraging walks

Wander round the beautiful Suffolk countryside learning about the uses of our native plants and trees (possibly a few non native ones too!) We will cover a fair distance so make sure you wear suitable footwear, bring 2L of water and a mug and a packed lunch. Halfway round we will stop and have a cup of various wild teas and other spring foods. Please advise us of any dietary requirements. 10-3pm

April 9th 2022 Spring foraging

£20 per person ( please state which date you are interested in when you book)

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We can offer one-to-one courses or custom designed courses on a number of Prehistoric and Bushcraft subjects; Fire lighting, plant ID, bone and antler working, Wild game prep and cooking, carving etc Please Enquire for details.

Glass knapping


1 day workshop, £55 per person 15th may 2022, South Suffolk

The art of knapping stone is one of the earliest humans acquired. The earlies tools were serviceable, but not exactly works of art. However, over the 2million years since those first broken rocks were used to scavenge carcasses, flint knapping has evolved into an art form. 

Glass is a uniform material, it behaves similarly to flint, but is more 'responsive', and has the advantage of being plentiful, easily available and pretty!  Whether you want to be able to knap jewellery, or  are aiming to be able to equip a post apocalyptic militia with spears and arrows, this day is ideal!

Tools and materials provided.
Bring a first aid kit, thin tightly woven closely fitted gloves, a mug, and packed lunch. tea and coffee provided.

Fur tanning


1 day workshop; 9-4pm £50 per person. 14th May 2021, Suffolk

Our ancestors were a resourceful bunch; faced with worsening weather as they migrated out of Africa and in to Europe, they needed a way of keeping warm while they roved around searching for food. Fire is vital, but Clothing  is just as key.  Without the ability to make warm durable clothing we would struggle to survive even in our relatively warm climate.

In this workshop we will work with squirrel skins, learning to skin, flesh tan and soften 'Fur-on' skins. The knowledge and techniques can then be applied to any small animal skins such as rabbits, foxes, hares, even scaled up for deer! For those who hunt, or eat game its another practical skill to add to your ' nose to tail'  list- showing respect to the animal by wasting as little as possible. and at the end of it, you will have  a beautiful, soft fur that you can turn into a pouch, or  use to trim clothing.

The course will be conducted outside, but under cover. The group will be small to allow appropriate distancing.

Tea and coffee, tools and materials provided. Please bring a packed lunch, work clothes and a mug ( pref. a lidded one)


 Whittling and carving workshop for parents and children.

mora knife.png

1 day workshop; 9-4 £50 per person 21st May (from age 7)

A child's first forays into carving and whittling is often a nervous time for parents, especially if those parents have little

 experience of knifework themselves. By teaching you both together, I will provide you with some basic skills so that you can enjoy this absorbing skill, but you can safely supervise another person. Learning to carve is a great way to build hand- strength and dexterity, encourage focus and concentration and of course spend quality parent child time in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

We will start with basics, looking at  the types of knives that are best suited to Bushcraft, then move on to a few little projects that can be applied to simple items like spatulas, butter knives feather sticks and even spoons.The emphasis will be on   solid, safe technique, not necessarily on finishing projects. The aim being to provide you with the foundation  that allows you go and learn in your own time.

Knives provided ( please note I do not encourage the use of penknives for woodwork)
Please being  mug, packed lunch, notebook, and first aid kit. ( there will be one on hand as well, but its a good habit to get in to!) 

Tea, coffee and biscuits provided.


Courses will be conducted outdoors, but 

under cover from sites in the vicinity of Sudbury Suffolk.

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